Andalusian Horses In Cartagena

Just a few metres from the port of Cartagena, you will have the chance of enjoying the visit to this beautiful family ranch.

Would you like to lear all the secrets of the Pure spanish horse breed, and why it is known like the Kings’ Horse?

In our visit to one of the traditional farms of the Field of Cartagena we will enjoy a nice day in contact the nature knowing to these horses in its natural state, the baby of colts, the handling of the cattle, studs … and quite prepared with the tasting of products of our gastronomy.

We will enjoy , knowing first hand the excellent behavior of the best stud of the farm. We will be able to see  the colts along with the mares that are still being nursed. We will be present at the spectacular stampede created by the young colts on having gone out of the stables to realize part of its essential exercise.

During the visit we will be able to taste a selection of local “tapas”and  different drinks. And of course we will end with a demonstration of Spanish dance of one of the most beautiful studs that  will dance with a flamenco spanish dancer.


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